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I'm wondering if I have been short changed...

by AJ


I applied for unemployment on the internet and disclosed that I was making 400 dollars a month working part time, one day a week, 100 dollars per day.

So, when I received the bi weekly papers I would enter all the answers to the questions asked without adding the two hundred I made for those to weeks, four hundred for the month, since I already gave that info on my original application on the internet when I filed.

I applied around feb. of 09 and lost this part time job at around august. I was sent around I think almost 4,000 from edd at around august because they never sent me anything even though they qualified me and finally (took me this long to get a hold of them) I received all that was due to me at up un till around august.

The thing I'm wondering about is, they kept sending me the rest of my bi weekly paperwork to fill out past august 09 but since I lost the part time job, shouldn't I be receiving more then 800 I was getting up untill august? I'm still getting 800, and am wondering if I should be getting 1,200 since I lost the part time job?

And I can't get a hold of no one at edd since its just a message and no one picks up...

Thanks for your time


Hi AJ,

GOOD GOD!! I hope you haven't gotten a hold of the EDD yet.

If you filed a claim .. told them you still had a part time job, but then didn't report those earnings when you filed .. I'd call that fraud.

I've never heard that the unemployment department gives partial unemployment without requiring you to report earnings in every single week you file.

Hope all goes well for you, but I suspect that one day you are going to get an overpayment notice.

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May 12, 2011
you did commit fraud!
by: AJ you idiot

I have to echo Chris's sentiment of "GOOD GOD"!!

You have to report income you receive while you're collecting benefits of course. If the forms you fill out biweekly have specific dates AND ask about income during those particular dates, and you did have income at those times and didn't disclose it then you filled them out falsely = FRAUD.

Telling them once isn't good enough as there are reasons that they have you report for each week you request payment. And if you weren't reporting your income then they weren't adjusting your benefit payments based on it, so why would it go up after you left the job? Did you at least report the separation??

Haven't looked at the comments for a while now ..

But .. well said!

Mar 02, 2010
Hello Again...
by: Anonymous

I don't know if I explained it right, but I did talk to a representative of edd, at one of the career centers and was told that since I disclosed what I made on my original application over the net on edd site, that any additional I make on top of what I disclosed that I would need to report...

Now, thats what I was told and I did report what I made when I originally applied, so I hope I'm not due a letter from edd stating I owe them later...

Anyway, Thanks for your help.


If you were receiving part-time wages in "covered employment" and those part time wages were a part of your base period .. you still have to report the part-time wages you receive so they can compute the "partial unemployment benefit amount" for each week you file.

If those part-time earnings were from something other than regular covered employment .. such as money from having google ads on a website .. reporting that type of money might be different from state to state .. as I've heard different things from people in various states when it comes to what amounts to "self employment".

But I do wish you luck and if you do find out that you are being short-changed .. maybe you could come back and explain what it is I'm missing here .. because not understanding this kind of thing is exactly what causes notices of overpayments.

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