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In California Can I be fired for missing work for a 2nd job? and if i'm fired can i collect unemployment?

by David

I am part time and in the summer we got over 40 hrs per week. but as late September came, they cut my hours down to 25 a week. i have a 2nd job that provides a paycheck to accommodate this cut but is only every 2 months or so. i give the 1st job ample notice but they deny my requests and i try to find people to cover but it does not happen, so i call in. i've received a verbal warning, but i've yet to sign a written warning but i will have to call in again and i have been told that will get me fired.

my job cuts all the part time worker's hours, yet they started a class to hire new workers. it only makes sense to do that so the employer doesn't have to provide benefits.

thank you for your reply

Hi David,

Which job pays the most?

Which job gives you more hours?

It is never the obligation of an employer to accommodate your work scheduling conflict.

Whether you sign or not .. is not what makes a reprimand valid.

Although I actually have more than two questions to ask you to actually understand your situation better .. Two questions is all I will ask .. because anymore and it's not a "general question" .. it becomes a "specific discussion".

But I will say this. How the employer chooses to staff itself with more part time workers or full time workers is not the issue.

You are asking about whether you can get unemployment when being fired for attendance issues. That is the issue.

Since you are in California .. you need to read this.

My personal evaluation is that there is a flaw in your argument which will result in a denial.

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