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In California, do I have to apply for jobs that I'm not qualified for to satisfy Question #3 on the form, if they ask it?

by Anonymous
(Palm Springs, CA USA)

I search newspaper and on-line every single day, and in 6 weeks there have only been 2 jobs I could apply for -- the rest are truly and honestly not a match. When the right job is listed I will definitely go for it, but must I apply for jobs I know I won't get just to keep a list of rejections in case they ask for a list where I've actually applied? In reality, how frequently does California ask for this information?

Hi Anonymous,

There will never be a perfect match. If you can't find a job you are qualified to apply for then apply for jobs you think you are over qualified for or under qualified for.

Some states actually have statutes that require a person to lower their standards after a certain amount of time on benefits.

Have you considered furthering your skills by looking at training paid for by the state or WIA(Workforce Investment Act)? You could be relieved of the chore of applying for jobs while in training.

I do not know how often California randomly audits work search records. I suppose this function is a part of the department that aggressively seeks and searches for unemployment fraud. Every state has one.

My perception of the chance it will happen to the same as the chance you will be picked out of a group of fifty speeder going down the highway to receive the coveted prize of a speeding ticket.

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