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In Florida, after you win an appeal, while you are waiting for the back pay check to come in the mail, do your current weeks get direct deposited?

by Desiree
(Orlando, FL)

I was fired 8/3/09, I'm in Orlando, FL. I was denied so I appealed. I continued to claim my weeks. My hearing was 10/7/09 and on 10/08/09 they approved me unemployment I won. I know i have a check coming for the weeks I had claimed, but will my new weeks be deposited in my account now? Like i claimed my weeks 10/12/09. Is it gonna be deposited or do i have to wait to get the backpay check or wait a certain amount of time?

Hi Desiree,

I don't know the answer. This is a question that should either be asked of the Florida unemployment department .. or maybe someone else in Florida who is collecting benefits and feels like answering this questions for you.

Does anyone know?

PS Congratulations on winning your appeal:)))

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