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In Indiana can I collect unemployment if I am derawing my pension from the Carpenters union

by Ed
(Fort Wayne,IN)

I am still actively seeking work and am still able to work through the union but right now there aren't any jobs available. I live in Indiana.

Hi Ed,

The resource I use to answer this question is at the USDOL. Click current year, then Nonmonetary and go to Table 5-16.

The table list how each state treats retirement payments in relation ot whether they are deductible income. It's important to read any footnote.

According to this chart Indiana considers all pension payments received from a base period employer deductible. I also think it is a wise idea to verify with your state. Because although this chart does not prompt me to check whether any employee contribution to a plan may have an effect .. it's just a good idea to verify .. if you know what I mean .. especially when it comes to "unions".

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