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In Michigan can I collect unemployment if I leave my job temporarily for further training for my job?

by annonymous

In order for me to finish my degree, I need to do an internship. I have to take that time off of work but I am doing it for my job.

Hi anonymous,

If you leave a job to go back to school, or serve an internship you have effectively made yourself not able and available for work. This is a basic requirement to be eligible for unemployment benefits. But you raised the issue of this internship being for your job.

In the case of school .. it is a good idea to check on how your state views the whole issue because this also varies from state to state. The basic information can be found at the
USDOL, click the current year then Nonmonetary. Table 5-12 is all about "treatment of students". Additionally on page 23 there is some information about availability during training.

I don't think you will be able to get UI .. unless what you are involved in is "state approved training" .. and if it was .. you'd already know this.

I do not think your situation will enable you to collect because you will not be able and available for work nor will you be conducting a job search. These are conditions a person must meet in order to collect in the first place and until the benefits are no longer needed. These requirements are suspended if it's state approved training .. and if you are completing a degree .. I doubt you are in this type of program.

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