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In N.C., if a temp agency lays me off, I get my NC benefits, then I go back to high stress job which is affecting my health, can I quit due to medical reasons ( nerves being affected?)

by Teresa Hooker
(Columbia SC)

I worked very hard & was a top performer in a temporary assignment (that I thought would turn full time). The temp agency is Kelly Services and they "mis lead" me this time I came back, telling me the company would "hire me" - I make 9.50 an hour and still call my unemployment benefits in weekly, because my unemployment benefits paid me more. This job is very (high stress) and I answer calls here to disgruntled people who are losing jobs due to their background checks they fail (and our company catches their "record" ); this means that murderers, rapists, and thieves call me yelling and screaming at me in the phone; threatening to "kill me". I am already stressed to have to do low paying "temp work" when I am an educated teacher; but the teaching field is "shaky" for someone single like myself. I am on medication for my nerves (ever since my father passed away last year), now this temp agency has me between a "rock and a hard place" by calling me back to this company with the "lure that it will turn full time with benefits" however it's been well over one month now, and I am still an employee of the "temp agency". I was wondering if I go to my doctor and he writes a note that this particular job is stressing my nerves, can I continue to get my NC benefits weekly ? Thank you for any advice or guidance!

PS, I also actually live in SC and now work this temp job in SC, I have had to teach in NC for the last three years due to lack of work in S.C.

Teresa in SC

First of all NC does allow a worker good cause for quitting for a health related matter, but you still have to prove it existed and that you at least tried to preserve your job by requesting an accommodation .. whether you think it will do any good or not. You have to go through the motions. You cannot self diagnose medical problems and expect that alone to fly as good cause.

Secondly, just to safe .. I'd check SC unemployment law to see if they even make an exception for quitting due to your illnesses.

Although you might be collecting on a NC claim now .. the potential for this turning into a wholly SC claim will come when it comes time to file a new benefit year and they notice these wages coming out of SC.

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