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In Oklahoma is there any waiting period after filing for an extension

by David Johnson
(Idabel , Oklahoma)

Is there a waiting period in Oklahoma after you have filed your extension. Does it keep coming ever week or do you have to have another no pay week like at the first of your claim.

Hi David,

You know what, extended benefits are not something I am too familiar with because until this debacle of an economy .. extensions were a rare occurrence, so I'm basically in the same boat as everyone else .. I'd say on this subject the people collecting know more than I do about extensions.

But I always have an instinct which I'm willing to share and it would be very nice if you'd come back and either confirm my instinct .. or straighten me out:)

My feeling is that there shouldn't be another unpaid waiting week if the extension is happening in the original benefit year or claim. That's what I think.

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