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In PA, if i retire and take my pension from my union can I still collect UC benefits

In PA,if I retire and take my pension from the union, am I still eligible for UC benefits while looking for work in another field?


Would the reason for not being employed be a voluntary retirement? Or are you thinking of taking your retirement after being laid off?

The first would be disqualifying. The second would not initially be disqualifying, but when you simultaneously collect UI benefits and start pulling from a retirement pension, you have to find out whether your state deducts from the UIB's all pension income or just pensions income from a "base period" employer.

The USDOL provides information about what constitutes "deductible income" on a state by state basis and this includes pensions and whether it includes pensions from all base period regardless of what state or only the state you are filing for. It also includes whether they will consider the contributions you made to the retirement.

The info on all deductible income begins on page 42. If a person can hold off on a pension until the employer it comes from is out of the BP .. it is often advantageous to do so at least until you find a new job.

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