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in the state of california, can you recieve unemployment insurance when you are fired from your job?

by junray

I worked for a company for 9 yrs. within the past year we have had new management. Within the past 6 months there was a big change at this company with the ceo being let go...3 supervisors from 3 different depts. were laid off and many employees being laid off. I was recently fired for "lack of work performance". for the 9 yrs that I have worked at this company I have never had a complaint about my work performance. I always had good evaluations and never had any occurrences. There was an overload of work that I had to complete because I had to pick up jobs from other employees that were laid off. I could not keep up with all the overload, and was let go as a result. Would I be denied unemployment benefits?

Hi Junray,

You might be initially denied, but I also think you'd be crazy not to appeal this type of a discharge.

Read the California unemployment benefit determination guide to understand how you might be able to fight a denial of unemployment.

Also, the company I worked for would appeal for any employer automatically if someone would get benefits for this type of discharge.

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