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inappropriate emails where 3 other employees were involved and were not terminate

by donna
(cincinnati ohio)

State is Ohio.I was terminated for "snarky" emails.

I called a friend a douche bag, but the email was to her and it was a pet name we jokingly called each other. she called db.

There was a new manager recently brought on board to our department. I truly believe, the termination was because we were not supporting her behavior of playing favorites to certain team members.

There were 2 other employees that were involved and a manger from another department as well. They were written up and given a 90 day probation, (at least the 2 coworkers were) not sure about the manager. I was terminated. I truly believe it was because the new manager did not like me.

She car pooled with another employee from another department that had been "out to get me" for over a year. I believe it was discussed when they were hanging out together, to get rid of me.

In fact the worker boasted to others that I was going to be fired.

I had other written warnings, but these were unfair also.

One was from the girl that had complained about myself and another co-worker over 2 yrs ago. I would even concede that write up on an objective factual only point. The other write up, was not fair and I only signed to get out of the office.

I truly believe it was not an objective termination. I should have been warned like the others. I had recently been under medical care for depression and inappropriate prescription meds being given that had given me a bad reaction for over a period of a few weeks prior to the event. I shared that with the vp a few weeks prior to this event.

How can I fight the appeal process?

I have no idea you will fight .. just from reading your account of things .. I'd say there is every chance in the world .. that you will lose no matter how hard you fight.

Just a first impression that no matter how hard I tried to ignore .. I couldn't shake.

Maybe it was all the excuses and no facts, focused on how you think you might "fight the appeal process".

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