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inclement weather

by Stacey

I live down a dead end street and this winter we have gotten up to 2ft of snow at one time. The snow has been a major issue this year, not just for me, but other employees. I do not have a four wheel drive vehicle. I was a part time employee. All of my absences have been because I cannot get out of my driveway. Even after shoveling, I still couldn't get out. I don't have any family in the area that could take me to work. Can my work actually fire me?? I live about 25 min. away from my job..driving. I am a female and cannot be expected to walk the highway to work. Do they have a good enough reason to fire me?

Hello Stacey, An employer can fire you for this if they want to .. whether you will be denied unemployment is another matter, but if I were you .. I'd exhaust all efforts trying to find a ride with a co-worker and or gather up whether reports to match the inclement weather with your absences.

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