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Indiana- Company issues all employees letters stating that due to "severe economic downturn" they are offering early retirement and buyout options

by Broke as a Joke

My company is a large auto manufacturing plant. It is also UAW, so all call back right are done on seniority once you are laid off. I worked there just under 11 years and opted to take the buy out for 100k (before tax). I was told by the company that there was not any new work that would enable me to keep working. As of the time 12-12-08 I signed up for this I was 50 people from being laid off. Actually my release date was the same date I was up to be laid off. I used the money to pay off debt to prepare for being jobless until I found work. So now hear in April I am still without work. I have applied for unemployment and finally received a denial stating I did not have "good cause" to quit my job. There was no work for me??? What do I do? Do I qualify? Will I win my appeal?

Broke in Indiana

Hi Broke,

That's right, if you had declined the buyout and waited to be laid off you would have been entitled to the pittance you would have received on unemployment benefits vs. the 100,000 .. minus taxes that you did get. But this also can vary from state to state. There are states that look at what the employees were told by the employer that may provide opportunity for the quit to be with good cause .. but i don't think Indiana is one of them.

Since you are union I'd think the union would be the best source to ask about any options that may be available to you.

I did some poking around and found this forum thread about TRA benefits. I am not familiar with this except that it's a special program for those in your situation that need a Trade Readjustment.


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