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Indiana Unemployment - Can I quit a bad job?

by Laura

My boss and another lady are constantly at me about everything. They talk about me and everyone else in the office. It is extremely unprofessional and I am always made to feel like the bad guy. They made me feel like I am going crazy. I write notes on the processes they teach me and then when I apply them, they say I do it wrong and I re-write and re-write my notes so that I can do a job right. However, no matter how hard I try it is never right. I am not allowed to apply any initiative, if I do, I am told not to and to only do as I am told. I find myself saying I am sorry all day long. Yesterday, the lady said "It seems like you are fustrated and taking it out on me", I said how is that possible, all I have been saying all day is "sorry". I left my job crying because I just can not do anything right. I have been on job for 8 months and it is a secretarial job. If I spell a word wrong in a document, I am talked about, lectured and badgered, but if my boss or her spells a word wrong, it is perfectly okay. We are suppose to have flex hours and I everyone including me gets to utilize them. I only get to utilize them sometimes. My boss goes days without speaking to me if I upset him. Last time, I asked him to clarify his instructions as they were not clear, so I asked several times trying to get a straight answer...and he
gets upset and states "how much clearer can I be" then he does not acknowledge my existence for days so I am out of the loop on many things that go around the office and his schedule. I have never used unemployment in my entire life and I am 39 years old and have worked since I was 16 and have gone to college. I have had many successful prior employments. What can I do? Oh and by the way, we have a corporate office and they don't treat me badly in front of any of the corporate people. If I complain to corporate, it is just a he said, she said situation and because they have been here longer, I am sure they will view me as the aggressor.

Hi Laura,

First, you are asking at the right time .. before you quit, but you acknowledged also that you are afraid to take the necessary steps you must take to ensure you have adequately, tried to "preserve the employment.

He said / she said is everywhere, but for those unwilling to at least make attempts to preserve the employment in a documented way, will often times, find themselves in a position, of needing to prove that they weren't fired for neglect of duties based on performance issues and if they haven't made any efforts to correct the situation they can't show that the employer may have taken a disciplinary course of action as a course which was motivated by a wish to "retaliate".

The moving party has the legal burden to prove good cause. Quitting will generally make the employee the "moving party".

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