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Injured at the Hospital I worked at while IN THE HOSPITAL.

by Tamara

HI, I lived in Fla and worked at a hospital for 3 years. I was hospitalized for abdominal pains and because I was a hospital employee I had to use the Hospital I worked at for treatment. Once I was admitted to the hospital I was treated very poorly. Nurses and Techs were very unprofessional toward me in my week stay. To the Point where I was put on anti-depressants. Also and here is the part of why I started the thought process to quit. I was at the time married..I caught my Husband cheating and then he decided to just move out and leave me with the rental while I was in the Hospital. So on top of all of this...I was A. hospitalized B. Husband left/and faced eviction C. the hospital mistreated me...and D. the clincher...The hospital Nurse injected a medication into my hand that burned my hand so bad I was unable to do the job I was hired for which was Secretary at the hospital.

At that point...I was so depressed about the treatment I received..and the things that were going on in my life that I had to make a decision as my savings was running out. My Parents had just relocated to Tennessee and they told me if I had to I could come there and they would help me as much as they could. With my hand messed up by the HOSPITAL I HAD to go to (6 mo. later still messed up) and being put on Anti-depressants from my doctor because of the state of mind I was in due to the treatment I received I did decide to go to Tn. At this point I still had not "quit". but I did let HR
know that I was on Medical leave of absence to see if my hand got better. After an MRI and weeks of being in a Brace and 2 weeks off by my hand Doctor I still was not able to type and by then had no money left to pay my rent so I had to call my supervisor and discuss my options. I told her that I was not able to do my job typing and I could not pay my bills so I had to come where my parents are to help me. I filed for unemployment in Fla. and was DENIED of course...I again filed an Appeal and was DENIED of now I have a new "request for review." I totally feel like the employer caused my departure due to the negligent administration of medicine that caused damage to my hand. Also the fact that due to the treatment I received I was put on anti depressants..from my doctor...I have never been on anti-depressants. So now I don't know what to do..its 6 mo. later and my hand is still messed up and I also have a W/C injury I am fighting with the same employer again due to negligence from a torn shoulder because they short staffed the floor. Please Any Idea of where I should go from here? Thank YOU!


The one piece of information you didn't give me that I think would be relevant is WHY were you denied unemployment.

Every unemployment "claims determination" and "hearing decision" gives the reasons for denial.

The reasons are referenced with the STATUTE that prevented you from collecting.

I could make a good guess, but since you know ..

Would you mind telling me why Florida said you are DENIED?

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Jul 05, 2010
Injured at the hospital I worked at.
by: Tamara

Hi you asked me why I got refused. Here is what the statement said. "The record reflects the claimant voluntarily quit. The burden of proof is on the claimant who voluntarily quit work to show by a preponderance of the evidence that quitting was with good cause. The claimant did not present sufficient evidence to show she quit with good cause attributable to the employer. Good cause for voluntarily leaving a job is such cause as will reasonably impel the average, able-bodied, qualified worker to give up employment. Consideration was given to the claimants medical condition: however, prior to being released to return to work she relocated to Tennessee due to personal reasons. The record further reflects that notwithstanding the claimant's separation from her husband and losing her home, she would have remained employed with the employer. Therefore it is the position of the referee that the claimant separated from work when she relocated. Accordingly the claimant is disqualified from benefits. that is the response...and I feel like if I would not have been so damaged from the hospital that I had to use because I was an employee I still could have kept on working also the unprofessional treatment by the nurse and the Techs at the hospital put me in such a depressed frame of mind that I was in no condition to return at this time.


You feel? When you quit a job it's not enough to feel you were forced to quit .. you have to prove it.

Given that you have already had your hearing .. you had your opportunity to PROVE you had good cause to quit and given all the details not only stated within the decision, but as you related the facts in your original question .. your argument that it was a quit attributable to the employer doesn't even convince me.

Nor can I find the plausibility in your original story nor your additional answer to explain why this decision is wrong.

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