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Interstate Benefits

by jhonny

Moved from Hawaii to Cali. BEFORE leaving I submitted as required three jobs a week that included mainland businesses I double checked with my local office before leaving since Id been cut from 40 to 5 hrs a week. My workers assured me I was in line and order and wished me luck. Once I got here Denial after denial and in somecases they took over 40 days to answer or decide.

Im on A civil appeal. What can I do , no lawyer in Hi will take appeal because i filed it without them so they have no way to charge.

Would you like to talk to me about why you were denied?

I do offer consultations. It's not legal advice .. but I would have to read your appeal .. because frankly, I have no idea why or what you have been denied for all the way to a court appeal.

Or maybe, you should ask a lawyer online since you can't get one to help with the court appeal .. now that they can't charge. They love to answer questions.

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