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Intolerable working conditions.

by angie
(lumberton, n.c. )

I worked at my job for 10 years, a factory job. I started having trouble with my hands, I was diagosed with tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes I would be in so much pain working, my hands would go numb and I would have sharp pains. I did have FMLA for my condition and was under dr. care. I didn't mind doing my job. My supervisor knew of my condition. I would ask him to let me go to the clinic inside the facility whenever i was in pain and it was as though he would have a heart attack. He would rant and rave about how he was short of people but yet I was hurting. I went to his boss and complained about how my supervisor would refuse to let me be seen at the clinic knowing of my medical condition.

Even though I complained shit was still the same. I got fed up with my supervisors bullshit. I got three babies at home.
To me I had no choice but to quit. Either that or flip the script and get fired for misconduct because I was literally tired of being disrespected. I have a medical condition, my employer knows this yet when I want treatment I get totally disrespected and fussed out in front of all my co-workers which is very embarassing. I filed complaints with H.R. and I do have copies of some of those complaints. Plus my paperwork from my dr. I had no choice but to quit.

Hi Angie,

Did you file a worker's comp claim? Did anyone ever ask you if wanted to file a worker's comp claim?

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