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Invaluable help and advice!

by Luis R. Fitch
(San Diego, CA)

I was refused UI benefits by an employer in CA who accused me of several counts of misconduct.
It was a fairly complicated case and having no experience in this field, I had no idea where to go for help. I found this incredibly helpful website and then contacted Chris for personalized help.
She was AWESOME, helping me every step of the way for 6 months while I fought my employer and the EDD.
Her advice on how to prepare my case, how to present it, what to say and what not to say was invaluable and paramount to winning my case, which I did with her help.
Besides being an expert in the field, she is a kindhearted, generous individual who goes above and beyond her duties to help people when they most need it.

Thank you very, very much Chris!

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Proud is not a word I would use to describe my feelings.
by: Chris

Proud of offering help understanding unemployment benefits .. I don't think so ..

I'm grateful I can help .. and that I continue to earn a small living, thanks in large part to a failure by unemployment programs to explain this crap thoroughly without having to report to an "employer" .. ugh!!!!

I might be a little proud of myself for just the fact that I was able to learn how to get this information out on a website for those who are looking for it.

It was a major personal challenge for me.

But I thank you whole heartedly, and am grateful, for the kind intent of your words!!!

Heartfelt and Sincere
by: Anonymous

AWWWWW. Chris you should feel very proud of yourself and all of your efforts towards helping folks like us get our benefits.

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