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inviting my family to celebrate my cousins 2 year old party at my jobs pool?

by osmany
(hialeah, florida)

noting happened before i was fired i was not warned. some one snitched on me and they started interviewing people that worked that day and me because i worked. they treated this like if a crime was commited. my girlfriend was also fired, it was her day off. she was just there at the property (not in the pool). other employees have used the pool and so has there family but since no one snitched on them they weren't disciplined. i explained to my ex boss that i did not know since no one else was fired or disciplined, i thought it was ok.

Did your ex-boss say anything about this being a violation of the rules? Did you try to get prior permission?

Do you have any idea why someone would have "snitched" you out?

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by: osmany

yes he mentioned something about it being in the employee handbook. and the only thing i read about it is that it says you can get fired if you mis use of property. No I did not try to get a authorization because I didn't know. I worked that day and my family was just there in the pool. Theres a girl that worked that day in the front desk and she tells him everything. So she probably snitched me out.

Here is the problem osmany. Employers have rules which they not only expect us to obey by adhering to them, but usually, when first hired they give you an employee handbook .. or at the very least they have you sign a form that says you received one.

That is what I call a nail in the coffin. You can profess all day long that you "didn't know the rule existed or what it meant, but you signed a form that was the number one document I asked for from employers.

With that form acknowledging that you received the rules and were made aware of them .. tossing it or losing it .. never to be read by you .. is actually admitting your negligence, disregard, and or disrespect for the employer and his rules.

Now to be fair to you .. I did notice some reference to "other doing the same thing" so by this alone I feel obliged to tell you that when employers create rules .. they are expected to enforce them uniformly, but and this is a big but, I don't know how you and your family conducted yourselves at this party. I also don't know that the "others" who did this and didn't get fired, didn't ask for prior permission .. so you see osmany, the devil is always in the details and the direct evidence and testimony that has the possibilities .. on which side the greatest possibilities lie .. I don't know because I charge a fee to evaluate that.

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