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Involuntary Separation due to Unsatisfactory Performance .. what are my chances on getting unemployment ?

I'm a phone banker and I worked for the company for almost 3 and a half years My 2009 review which my boss went over with me last April was really good ... I have been consistently not meeting but most of the time exceeding my department expectations ... until recently they put me on Final warning because they said that I use more unecessary time than the rest of my colleague ... since then i have done everything I can to keep my job infact i even received a customer commendation my Quality Assurance average for the prior month was a 100% ... but in April they also said that I received two member complaints which i don't really think that it was a member complaint because I was just trying to correct the wrong information given by another representative from one of their branches ... the customer just simply got upset because I'm giving him something completely different from what they discussed at the branch ... they also said that I was tardy twice which was something I have no control of because there was a major road work in my area ... please respond ...

Quite frankly, I can't tell you what your chances are.

I don't need to hear about what you did well .. I only need to hear about what the employer thinks you have done wrong .. in a chronological order ending with whatever the "final incident" that caused the termination.

This is called narrowing the focus to the facts which will be looked at to determine whether you are guilty of "willful misconduct".

And it's always nice to know what state you live in.

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