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Is it hard to fight appeals for " because you broke a reasonable rule"


I live in California- I just recieve the notice of determination stating i am disqualified because i broke a reasonable rule. Is it hard to fight this type of disqualification?

The situation is I went to look for some information in a copy of personnel file that was in an unlocked file. I had look at it before for other information. I did not know i could not look at it. In my office everything is unlocked- It is a very relaxed environment and my supervisor what never clear about anything.Of course, if I had known I would not have looked at it.

THE PROBLEM IS IN EXPLAINING THIS- PEOPLE THINK I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN- I CANNOT GET ACROSS TO ANYONE THAT THERE WAS NO SUPERVISON- NO CLARITY- IT IS A VERY SMALL OFFICE AND WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE- I did my job and there are things i did not think about. I dont know how i knew i could go into the file drawer. Just like i dont remember that i could go into petty cash or go into the client files..i dont know maybe should not go into those drawers.

I had never had a warning, reprimad, write-up- i was an excellent employee.

Any suggestions on how to fight it.


I would be happy to discuss it with you, but I no longer help build cases and strategize in this forum.

If you would like to contact me for help feel free to do so.

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