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Is it legal to collect unemployment from two states when you are employed?

I have a coworker that is working 30+ hours a week, which in our industry is considered full time. She talks all the time about collecting unemployment from two states because she isn't making 40 hours a week. She is always giving her shifts away saying "the less I work here the more unemployment I get". Here is my frustration, my taxes are paying into something that seems to me she is taking advantage of. What do you think? I was going to call a tip hotline because I don't agree with what is going on. Thank you, frustrated co-worker that pays to support scammers


Well, first of all most likely don't pay unemployment taxes unless you live in one of three states and even then I'd think you would be hardly justified to hold this up as a valid argument .. employers fund unemployment .. of course the more they have to pay .. in UI taxes indirectly affects how much they decide to pay employees.

It's wrong because it is dishonest.

The "bad apples" are not something I address much .. because they don't really need any help .. they've been figuring out how to scam the system all on their own for quite some time .. but I'll bet they never tell anyone when they get caught .. and they do get caught.

I know the bad apples are out there .. and I know the stupid ones have asked me questions,but every question has validity even for an honest person ... although my answers to those I know are just trying to figure out how to cheat the system have a different tone.

Personally, I think anyone trying to beat the UI system ought be trembling with fear, because the fraud detection units are on "high alert" status and some states even have the authority to impose prison sentences for it.

I think every state has a phone number or a "report fraud" button on their website. If it annoys you to hear this stuff .. report them .. or you might first mention to them what the "penalties for unemployment fraud" could potentially be.

I also have a problem with people who want to know things like "how can I get someone fired" "how can I get fired and collect unemployment" "how can I get my boss fired".

I delete a lot of questions that are contrary to the purpose I intended for this site.

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Apr 09, 2010
My cousin scams u.i 80 % of his life he is now 40
by: Anonymous

I agree I have a cousin trying to collct u.i he has done this to over 80% of his life he is now 40. The laws need to step up to the times we live in. Its not just corporate america scaming its normal people now. I do not agree with you that good honest people shouldnt be concerned or it doesnt affect thier lives or thier money it does in the big piture. I am so sick of people useing the system. Our goverment needs to stop rewarding these kinds of people. Reward those that dont whine, work hard to pay thier bills. people that do the right thing not the easiest thing collct u.i half thier life.


Did I really write that good honest people should not be concerned? If I did, I apologize .. I meant to convey that encouraging people to report fraud is not needed nor my intent.

People do as they damn well like .. right, wrong, or indifferent.

If you know for a FACT that your cousin has scammed the unemployment system for 80 percent of his life .. report him.

It won't make me cry.

I just think if I chose to report another person for UI fraud .. I would also need to be willing to live with the consequences of the damage I might possibly cause .. if I were wrong.

Please don't think for one moment that I'm not aware of the bad apples .. stopping them was the only part of my job that ever gave me satisfaction ..

Mar 27, 2010
My take on whether to report fraud or not.
by: Chris


I knew you were asking legitimate questions about what to do when you suspect unemployment fraud.

It would eat at me too, if someone was blowing their mouth off about not taking shifts because it would lower their unemployment check.

That is not the purpose of UI benefits.

Here's the part that raises questions for me.

Collecting from two states. The only way that happens legitimately is if ONE state is handling a claim where the "wage credits" are coming from two different states.

I'm trying to say that fraud is not something that a person can get away with forever .. They will get caught eventually and the good times will stop rolling then.

As far as turning down shifts .. or "refusing suitable work" without good cause .. it's something employers are usually very vigilant in letting the state know about .. because eventually, they may be held liable for the benefits from a new claim.

I sent plenty of valid "informational letters" to a state for employers. It's also why there is "report unemployment fraud" prominently displayed on state unemployment websites .. because there's always those willing to cheat.

I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who reports legitimate concerns .. I avoid this subject .. because vengeful vindictive people willing to learn how to cheat the system are also the people most likely to use the "button" to hurt someone else without any compunction or reason whatsoever.

It's the ugly side of human nature .. that hides itself well.

It can be very damaging for someone legitimately collecting unemployment to have their benefits suspended while investigated because someone anonymously reported them for fraud.

A responsible person first weighs the pros and cons of their actions before they act on the available information.

I don't think I have anything to offer to someone who reports legitimate fraud .. that's not a part of my purpose. My purpose is to warn everyone not to do anything to be reported for and to make sure they document well so they can legitimately dispute.

Mar 27, 2010
I'm still going
by: Anonymous

Thank You for the information. It was really helpful and enlightening. I by no means am asking questions so that I can become one of those that scams the system. I am an honest person that is sick of working long hours to make ends meet and here is someone who gives shifts away while saying the less I work here the more unemployment I get, from 2 states. Not to mention a husband who doesn't work because he is on disability and receiving money from the state. Yet they find time to bowl (can't work but can throw a bowling ball) and gamble (we live in Nevada) on a regular basis. Since he is on disability his 18 yr old daughter has been able to draw social security for a couple years now which she has not ever paid a dime into. So I am not trying to get someone fired, I just think that the system is there to help people that really need it. When it is all used up it is gone for those that need it. I have been paying into social security for over 10 years now and at the rate it is going now I will never get to see a penny of it, but an 18 yr old whose parents don't force her to get a job because they want that extra check is getting what I am paying into. Sorry to be going on and on but this situation is just so frustrating to me!

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