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Is it legal to tell me I'm fired through my mother?

by Charise
(Cadwell, Ga USA)

my supervisor told my mother that i was fired. IS that legal?


What could possibly be illegal about it?

It isn't what I'd call the "proper way to fire someone" and if I were you I'd call the employer and ask why .. but you probably already know why .. don't you?

If it were illegal to fire someone from at will employment by telling their mother to let them know not to come back tow work .. it stands to reason that it might also be illegal to quit your at will job by having your mother quit for you.

Don't you think so??

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Jun 10, 2010
legal v ethical
by: randy

You'll find that rarely do employers do anything illegal and the few times you hear of one getting busted for some illegality, it's almost always limited to those well-defined and protected "groups," the "status" of being a minority.

Americans must, sooner than later, resign themselves to the obvious:

Employment in this country is a legalistic matter, that and nothing more.

So "normal" people, everyday working people like you and me, well, we live and have our being in a completely different world, one governed by a consideration of ethics, of right versus wrong as opposed to legal versus illegal.

My last termination (12/04/09) came by was of a phone call. The sales manager called me at home to tell me he was firing me because he was told something by a someone else who told him, the sales manager, that he, the "someone else" had overheard me saying to yet another "someone else". In short, hearsay.

How does one defend oneself against hearsay?

Legal or not, in matters of unemployment compensation, it's more about the reasons for the termination, the justifications, or lack thereof.

Hi Randy,

"Objection". "Hearsay, your honor".

I wonder how many former employees know that when you represent yourself at an unemployment hearing .. and most people do .. You are your own legal representative. You are your own ATTORNEY!!!

And the decision will not take into consideration that you did not attend law school and were clueless going in.

The unemployment appeal process can be likened to leading lambs to slaughter.

It's contrived to be that way, so to keep recipiency down in the manageable percentage brackets .. because heaven forbid they raise taxable wage bases .. Employers might even send more jobs out of this country or move their businesses to another state more friendly to employers.

One cliche that comes to mind when it comes to how things are working as far as employment in this country ..

Cutting off your own nose to spite your own face.

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