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Is it really viable to quit a job due to a substantial change or reduction in pay?

by TS

I'm in IT and have worked for the same company for 15+years. After 8yrs I was promoted from Desktop and Telecommunications to Network Admin/Assist IT Direc - after almost 3 years they told me they were outsourcing my position and offered me Desktop Support Coordinator - needless to say, I didn't want to move back to a desktop support but UI said I wouldn't be eligible to collect because I was turning down a viable job offer (even though it was a substantial cut in pay).

Now, after 4 yrs in Desktop Support Coordinator, I have been told by the company Director (along with several other depts) that they are looking to outsource the current positions. And although they are not sure if they ultimately will, I have started looking for a job (which currently doesn't look promising). Here's my question - If they do end up outsourcing, but in turn; offer a technical support position level 1 (which is basically for a newly grad from tech school, or someone with 1-3 yrs of experience - hence this would be another substantial cut in pay) - will I once again be disqualified for UI?

Chris's Response - Is it viable to quit, or refuse a job due to a substantial cut in pay?

It does not depend on what your idea of a substantial cut in pay is, it depends on what you can find in the way of a state precedent, or a regulation that might mention what makes a substantial difference to give you good cause
to refuse an offer because of it's unsuitability to you and what you do for, when, where, why and how much of a living.

I'm moving your question to those about suitable work because you're asking if you can refuse another job that once again, someone might tell you'd be denied benefits, and very possibly, discounting your prior experience, training, and of course .. your current rate of pay as being important to any determination of benefits.

It's sort of blowin' my mind that you say Connecticut disqualified you four years ago for a substantial reduction in pay.. Or was it that you just called the dept. and someone told you what might happen if you refused a job in general .. without knowing just how substantial the reduction in pay might be?

Either way .. CT has the substantive regulations regarding refusing suitable work on the internet and I noticed a couple regs you need to read to make your own decision as to whether accepting any new and even lower paid position, as you have described to be well beneath your prior training, skills and now current pay, to see if it is possible that refusing can be made arguable, even if you're initially disqualified for unemployment benefits in the hope you will be like lots of people who give up without an appeal.

PS Given I scanned a few of those regs, I'd say prevailing wage data reports are relied upon heavily. You can find that sort of thing at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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