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Is it within the employers rights to cut wages in a way that is less than minimum wage?

I'm an employee at ******* Dance Studio. Before this year I had a flat salary and made commission on all sales that I generated. The Studio has been sold to another franchisee who has now cut my pay in half.

The problem is that after working their for 8 years I can no longer afford to work there anymore, but if I leave, my contract states that I can't work for any dance studio within a 30 mile radius.

Is it legal for them to make me work 40 hours a week (NOT SALARIED) and only get payed for the time I'm teaching when I might only teach 4 hours a day.

I'm making less then minimum wage a week, Is that legal?

I've done everything in my power to do as I'm told for this franchise and they continuously make it an unpleasant work environment for me. What are my rights, and what can I do?


First, you didn't provide the state .. so I can't direct you to your states wage and hour laws ..

Secondly, when they sold out and you were kept on by the new employer under a much different pay structure .. the old job became a lack of work and the new job might possibly have been refused .. because it wasn't suitable because of the pay and the non-compete if they required you to sign one.

Thirdly, you are also talking about a non-compete clause ..

For non-competes, you need to ask a lawyer questions or have one take a look at it and tell you if it would hold up. I question whether it would but, this also depends on the state you live in and my state does not really like non-competes.

In some states, if you have to sign a non-compete to stay employed .. it's good cause to quit or refuse a job.

So whatever state you live in .. find your state labor laws and start looking for answers.

This might be helpful for doing just that.

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