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Is Pampered Chef commission reported as earnings?

by Cindy

I am getting UI in Texas right now. I just started selling Pampered Chef products and get a small commission on what I sell at home party shows. Do I report my commission as income with UI? Pampered Chef is like tupperware, avon or mary kay.

Hi Cindy,

Yes, you must report it when filing for continued benefits.

Of course it will probably raise a flag for the state .. so do not be surprised if they decide to give you a call (investigate) your availability for full-time work and whether you're still looking for full-time work.

I'll bet there's even a question on the form you have to fill out to keep getting benefits that asks something along the lines of ..

Did you receive any commission during the week ????

I can also tell you they want to know if you earned money in any given week .. They don't want you to wait to report it until you've "received" the money.


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