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Is quitting my job for health reasons a "good cause" to collect unemployment

by Karen

Hi, I live in the state of Georgia, I have been employed with a doctors office for a year and a half. I am harassed at work daily by the doctors wife who is my office manager. She does this via the telephone. I am her office supervisor, she has me fire people and write letters to block their unemployment, she is verbally abusive, the turnover rate is constant, I have to re-train the new people and work the empty spots and she constantly berates me for not doing this in a timely manner, while answering 6 ringing lines, making appts, verifying insurance and anything else that may arise. I suffer from diverticulitis, which is bought on by stress. I have averaged a flare every month since being employed here. She recently suspended me for 2 weeks without pay because I was sick. Always under my doctors care, as this is not something I can treat at home. She said all sickness must be done on our own time, Saturday, Sunday and evening hours. I work from 8:15 to around 6:30 or 7:00 everyday. If you are late more than 10 minutes you are suspended for 2 weeks. Anytime I have tried to verbalize any of my misgivings about a situation she would either write me up or say she is the "HNIC" that is Head N*** in charge if you are not aware. I have an exemplary employment background, up to this point. I have

never seen behavior by anyone in a managerial position like this in all of my 30 years being employed. She told me I should resign, because she will not fire me because she does not pay unemployment to anyone who has worked for her and if she knew I would have gotten sick she never would have hired me. She has refused to give me a raise, stating she already pays me enough. Please advise. Signed, Confused in Georgia

Hi Confused,

Let's start by reading Georgia's statutes about disqualification for benefits (it also includes reasons not to deny) Georgia's disqualification statutes Title 34, Chapter 8, Article 7, O.C.G.A. § 34-8-194 (sometimes this site has server patient)

You will also want to check out the last link on this page (300-2-9). You will be especially interested in 300-2-9-05.

Some of the things you mentioned just sound like they would be part of an officer manager's job so I urge you to read this information with an understanding that what you are looking for is fault of the employer or requirements to quit due to health (not mentioned in the statutes) And be aware, Georgia requires some evidence that you made an effort to correct the situation first. They also require you to show (preferably with medical documentation) that you were advised to leave the work due to health reasons.

If you want to discuss this more after reading just post a comment to this page.


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