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Is there a chance that I can be considered for UI benefits?

by Elaine
(Newark, NJ US)

I worked with an oral surgeon for the past year now until yesterday when I had to quit.(New Jersey) He screams and yells at us in front of patients as well as throws surgical instruments across the room. He scares me and makes me shake and I cry and come home to my children mentally and emotionally distressed. I didnt want to be the target of one of these flying instruments so I basically just didn't have a choice but to leave my job. I am going to file a complaint against him since the employer is overlooking the serious factors in this matter and is doing nothing about it. Do you think I can be eligible to collect UI benefits until I find employment?


There might be a chance Elaine .. and depending on what you did while still employed .. their could be not only a chance .. but a good probability.

There are a number of things that might play out in your favor, but don't count on initially being awarded benefits.

It's always the same routine when someone tells the unemployment dept. that they quit.

First they want to know why .. and in your case .. they then have to ask the questions to determine if you made the "effort to preserve the employment".

Absolutely, file for unemployment because no one .. I repeat, no one should have to put up with that type of behavior from an employer to earn a living and unemployment allows for benefits for this type of reason .. it's just that the preserving part gets in the way most of the time.

And it really shouldn't be needed when the behavior of the employer is so egregious .. that it could be dangerous to preserve the job.

It is completely unacceptable for anyone .. let alone the BOSS to act that way at work.

In fact I would call your working conditions a health and safety risk. What if you were punctured or stabbed by a flying instrument.

What if the patient had HIV or something else that is blood borne?

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