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Is there a time limit to quit to move to be with your spouse in PA?

by Anonymous

My husband has taken a job in another state over 600 miles away. We need to sell our home before I can quit my job and move out with him.

Is there a limit of time you have to quit and move to receive unemployment for quitting for that reason?

Hi Anonymous,

No, there is not a time limit. Pennsylvania allows for unemployment when you quit to move with a spouse, but it must be for "compelling and necessitous reasons.

They do not hand over unemployment benefits until you prove that your spouse had to move due to circumstances beyond their control and or there were economic circumstances which were insurmountable.

This could be to gain employment or because of a job that was much better, health reasons substantiated by a doctor...or any reason a person is willing to try to prove is "compelling and necessitous, which to me means, there was no other choice.


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