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Is there an appeals case? any comments about the latest unemployment extension?

by scott
(san jose california)

*laided-off from job in california 12/05/08

file claim

*work as contractor for 2 months in colorado 2/09-3/09,
contract was cancelled

*refile to open claim in california claim exhausted on 08/09

*file for 1st california extension on 08/23/09(granted)payed up to 12/05/09

*file new claim 12/05/10 (letter awarded)

*receive call from edd stating because I worked in colorado, claim is denied, would need to file claim in
colorado as "combined wage claim"

*receive letter on 1/07/10 "claim for emergency unemployment comp extension IS NOT allowed on regular claim dated 08/23/09"
supplemental appropriations Act 2008 Pub.L. No.110-252(june 30, 2008)
B) you have not exhausted your right to regular unemployment compensation benefits because:
2)You have rights to a new claim against Colorado
(Pub.L. No. 110 110-252, 4001b2

Hi Scott,

Good Golly! That makes sense .. not.

Have you filed for the second benefit year in Colorado? I'm having doubts that two months worth of work in Colorado will monetarily qualify you, but it's worth a shot due to the combined wage reference.

My guess is that this is all due to those people in Washington DC who squabbled over passing another extension until Nov of 09 and then they went and passed it with a deadline glitch that is forcing the states to make people requalify for a second benefit year .. which isn't possible to do unless you do have subsequent wages after the initial benefit year.

Sure, appeal, I'd be interested to know what the decision says and if it explains the problem any better than the determination.

Sorry Scott. Extensions are not my forte. There's never been extension until this recession that have lasted so long .. unprecedented is bound to cause problems.

By the way I have linked to an article somewhere in the Q&A's which explains the "deadline glitch" as it has come to be known. A congress F**K UP is more like it.

If you were looking for information from someone who's tried .. nobody has reported back as of yet.

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Jan 30, 2010
notice of overpayment
by: scott

Received notice of overpayment,
Stating: "benefits were paid before it was known that you qualified for a regular claim in another state.
your extended benefit claim was cancelled" well I had a regular claim in California 12/05/2008 worked
as a contractor in Colorado 02/2009-04/2009 refiled for regular claim 04/2009 in California. regular claim
expired, then filed for 1st extension in California, told them on both claims about the contract
in Colorado, in Dec 2009 was told by edd (California unemployment) they were cancelling my claim due to the
Colorado contract, they told me to file "combined interstate claim" with Colorado, and that it was there mistake and
I was not responsible for any overpayment, now I guess they are running out of funds,and coming after what they
say is overpayment. There was no Fraud on my part all information was stated correctly,I'm currently receiving unemployment
from Colorado, however it's less than the California claim where I worked a direct job. I've been looking for new employment
all this time and am not trying to use the system (it's barely pays for bills, let alone home, food, etc.)

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