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Is there money for unemployment in new york?

by Laura
(Bronx, New York)

Hi, I have just been told that there is no money for unemployment in new york. I drive a school bus & there is no summer work for a lot of us. We need to apply for unemployment benefits during the summer. I heard we could apply, but we might not get money right away until the budget is signed. Is this true? I am holding on for an answer. Thank You, Laura

I have no idea what unemployment you are talking about. The only benefits I know of that are up in the air are federal extensions.

Federal law will not allow a state not to pay regular unemployment benefits if you are entitled.

Try a google search .. "what happens when unemployment funds become insolvent?"

The federal government has special funds for each state. The money in those funds come from the federal unemployment tax employers pay on your wages.

States have to accept the money from these funds as a loan if they don't have the money .. they have to repay the money and usually, given that unemployment is cyclical .. funds are replenished and loans are paid when things turn around .. but I doubt it works that way this time .. I think the consequence may be many states will be forced to raise their wage bases (amount of every employees wages that employer must pay UI taxes on).

Laura, the government at this point is robbing not only Peter, but Tom, Dick, Harry and probably even Laura to pay Paul.

But no worries, if you're found entitled to benefits, you'll get benefits, but trust me, they are using every trick in the book right now to deny benefits and limit and slow the money that is draining from the funds and not being replaced fast enough .. because sufficient new jobs are not being created.

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