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is unemployment eligable income for determining rent?

by s.s

my apartment complex goes by 30% of my income. i was working for 3 yrs then i left in novemeber due to my mom getting breast cancer. now i collect benefits, so my question is if my apartment complex runs my social while doing the annual renewal will it show that i am receiving any unemployment? it might sound like a pretty cut and dry question or a stupid one but i figure i'd ask anyway because what i am getting is very little so if i don't have to let them know i dont really want to. im a single mom of 2 small children so that plays a huge roll in why i dont want them to know about my benefits.

Hi s.s

That I do not know the answer to. I think you'll have to ask the agency that controls the rent what is considered income as far as determining rent.

Not a stupid question at all.

But here's the thing, that makes me wonder why don't just ask who it is you have to ask to get the answer.

If they tell you no .. you can relax .. if they tell you yes, you can buck up and deal with the situation as it needs to be dealt with and avoid the possibility of any "fraud issue".

Fraud can be associated with any type of program .. and I for one don't think the worry that hangs over ones head when they know they are doing something that could be found out and is wrong is worth it.

There is something to be said for getting what you give, regardless of any desperation that drives us into making the wrong decision.

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May 28, 2010
Unemployment Income is counted in determining rent.
by: Sherri

Shayna, Yes your unemployment is counted when your rent payment is calculated. I am fairly certain they wouldn't have rented to you if you hadn't signed an agreement, stating, amongst other things that you will notify them w/i 14 days if your income- earned or unearned- changes. I would notify them immediately to avoid any legal problems. It sounds as though you live in subsidized housing and some of the things counted are: earned income, child support, unemployment, welfare, workers comp, insurance or other payments meant to replace all/part of wages, social security, SSI, penson plan/retirement plan payouts. You should, to be on the safe side, report any money you receive and let them decide. This way you don't break any laws, get charged w. fraud, loose your apartment and get stuck paying back what could be a large amount of money.

May 20, 2010
hey chris
by: shayna (s.s)


First I wanted to say thank you so much for your reply to me. I think what your doing is great considering there's a lot of us that don't know a lot of answers that pertain to unemployment and the fact that your answering for free amazes me!! your awesome!!

As for me, after I wrote you last night I wrote a letter to my rental office and enclosed my unemployment stub. I told them I wasn't sure if this was an eligible source of income in determining my rent. And you were so right, I don't want to feel as if I'm trying to scam someone or do something wrong.

Just thinking of it makes my stomach turn so I did what I thought was right!!

Sometimes in life you feel a little desperate especially when your a single mom with 2 kids barely making ends meet but imo it's not worth carrying around the guilt of possibly holding back info that would be considered for rent.

Even when I sent you the 1st message I was thinking to myself "why did i just do that" lol

Anyhow Chris thanks again so much for your time!! I think the info you provide is great!!!

Hi Shayna

Actually, I the one who's thankful to you and everyone like you who visits .. because this site and the activity from those who visit made it possible for me to recover something I didn't even recognize that I had lost.

I have this tiny little website that actually makes me a living comparable to what I made at a job that always caused pangs of guilt vs, now just being able to feel like I do offer help.

I work just as hard now .. maybe even harder, but it doesn't feel like work anymore.

I enjoy my days and have a certain amount of control over them .. That is a gift I'm very grateful for.


And I know exactly who I feel gratitude towards .. better stop now or I'll start sounding like an oscar acceptance speech:)

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