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My service's were terminated. The reason given was timekeeping. I was denied unemployment for policy violation. I was ambushed by 3 of my upper management. After another associate told them I worked off the clock. I admitted it and then they had me later fill out and fax them a form stating no one made me do it. I thought the admission and form would help me keep my job. Instead it was cited as the reason I lost it. I was thinking of appealing under extenuating

circumstances. How would I fight this? I'm sure I would have been fired even if I didn't sign the statement.

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Jan 26, 2018
Signing Admissions of Guilt
by: Chris -

I've literally no idea how to overcome a form .. a document, you signed admitting your guilt of work misconduct.

I also don't understand why so many people naively believe if they only sign these employer prepared admitances they later claim they are not guilty of would somehow save their job, instead of surmising what it's alternative intent might be .. evidence to make an employer's job of denying unemployment .. a whole lot easier.


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