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job abandonment

by jeremiah

I was working at B****g commercial airplanes at the R****n plant on the graveyard shift, and had no issues with attendance up to this point.

Than I moved out to enumclaw and did not notify the company of my move. They transferred me to everett.

This transfer caused a hardship and my attendance became erratic and was fired.

I had no union representation and failed to contact my union rep. because I had no idea of who the union representative was or aware of my rights.


Okay, you moved, you didn't notify the company, they transferred you .. you still didn't let the company know why this presented a problem .. then you had no union rep because you had no idea of who you should talk to or what your rights as a union member were .. and to top it all off if you job abandoned ... that means you didn't follow the call off procedure to let the employer know you wouldn't be at work .. and this usually requires at least two absences without calling or showing before you are considered to have voluntarily quit by job abandonment.

Did I get it right?

Sorry, I don't have any good news or helpful answer to give you.

Sounds like a losing unemployment claim to me.

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