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Job causing health problems, I need to quit.

by Maggie

I've been working for over two years in a circuit board factory, and am starting to get breathing problems and chest tightness from the lead fumes. I saw my doctor about this and he prescribed an inhaler for me, which I have been using as directed, but I'm still having problems. I want to quit and work somewhere there aren't any such fumes. Since I'm having health problems from the fumes, do I give notice or just simply quit? Can I still collect unemployment because of quitting for this job-related health reason?

I've also had to take FMLA time, and some "casual" days on top of that, for IBS. My doctor has it documented that the stress of my job makes the IBS worse.

I'm afraid I'm eventually going to get fired anyway for needing to miss so much work.

Hi Maggie,

First of all, you never just give notice or simply quit if your plan is to rely on unemployment benefits in the interim until a new job is found.

Let me ask you a question .. are you on intermittent FMLA for the IBS?

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Jan 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I took a 2-week block of FMLA for it once, and I now get 2 days of intermittent FMLA in a 3-month period, as well as no overtime.

The new asthma problem is constant, though, and getting really bothersome.

I didn't mean "just quit or give notice," I know I would have to try to "preserve the employment" somehow, correct? But if the fumes reach every corner of the place and they're bothering me, how could I preserve the employment? I know I need to talk to my boss about this, but really, I don't see how there's anything that could be done.


Have you visited the Wisconsin unemployment digest yet?

Click Voluntary Leaving and you'll find information about how WI makes decisions when someone quits for health reasons.

This should help explain what you have to do before you quit.

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