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Job closed and no longer available for me after a car accident in which I almost die

by Anon.
(North Carolina)

I was involved in a car accident that left me on bed rest for at least 5 months following physical therapy.

Company closed job about two months after my accident and the job is no longer available. Can I apply for unemployment?

Could my employer could argue that I was not able to come back? I am in NC..

Would the social security pay my unemployment in case the employer gets away from that responsibility? Would I qualify? I appreciate your advice in advance.


I'd prefer getting some answers to questions that can sometimes be relevant .. in states without EBP (extended base periods).

On what date (include the year) did you go out on a medical leave due to the car accident and was it an FMLA leave?

Have you been released to go back to work by your doctor and on what date?

Although social security is a type of income that some states will actually reduce an unemployment benefit because of .. it's a separate thing and I'm not an expert on getting disability social security .. but I know some people who are experts in the field.

Fortunately for you, North Carolina is a state that has an extended base period. An EBP allows the state to look back further in time than the standard base period does, which is often necessary for someone out for a long time due to injury. Basically, an EBP means more people can capture the wages needed to meet the requirements of monetarily entitlement, to collect.


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