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Job says I quit , I say layed off, can I get my unemployment

by mary

My Employer says I left, After I went many times for being bullied to Supervisor and then when Supervisor found out I went to HR, I was told that I was being taken off the schedule I could finish my last two shifts. I told HR that this was retaliation by the supervisor and did not feel comfortable working those two shifts. My denial that cam from UI said that my employer did know of the problem and failed to do anything but I did not work at getting the problem stopped. NOt sure what else I could have done since I went to supervisor then to HR and was then taken of schedule. I ws told since I was parttime that my hours were needed for the overstaffed employees. I have a fellow employee as a witness that has been working my hours since me leaving. Do I have a chance?

Hi again Mary,

You did quit because you quit before you finished your last two shifts. It's the reason you quit that you will need to prove was for good cause.

You need to read the adjudication digest in the Illinois Unemployment Law Handbook.

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