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Just got laid off while I was going to school

(Miami, Florida)

Been working for a medical office for over 20 years. In the last 6 years I was working full time while going to school part-time to become an RN. I graduated in April while working and got laid off 2 weeks prior to taking my boards in August.

While I continued searching for a job, I took my boards and passed. I did not file for unemployment right away because I thought I would get a job soon. Getting hired in a medical office is hard because they think since I just got my Associate Degree in Nursing I will leave as soon as I get an offer for RN, but no one is hiring new graduates and so I filed for benefits 3 weeks after lay off - I am pretty much in limbo between what I have experience on and a new AA degree.

My plan original plan was to continue working for this office while I still attended part time classes to obtain my BSN - I have known that with my BSN I would have a better shot to getting hired, my plan never included getting laid off.

I got approved for benefits, but while waiting for the approval I signed up for one online course (Statistic class); which I did on purpose as I wanted to be available for work whatever shift of the day came my way for any job - I am applying to do ANY office job as well as a nurse. I have been paying for school myself, no loans nor financial aid (I did not qualify for anyway). I have yet to receive my first check but after reading these posts, I do not even recall a box stating if I was going to school, but I did enter my RN license number in a section asking to input any licenses one held. I agree is best not to lie, I rather go on credit card debt than be accused of fraud.

Not sure if this matters but I put on my credit card this class as I do not want to stop school, but my priority is having a job for financial reasons and because having health insurance is a must for me.

I live in Florida, I just got the approval letter of getting $275, how long does it take to get the actual check and would taking an online class hurt me? Also, for RNs most hospital send you to a website to upload your resume and apply, so there is never a person contact name I can give to the Unemployment Office, how can I prove to them that this is how I applied?

I really want a job...once I have that, I can continue with my education....staying home is driving me crazy, so I will do some volunteering meanwhile.

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