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just passed new extended unemployment benefits when does it start

by john entwistle
(new port richey fl usa)

i live in Florida I have some money left on my unemployment account will i get the extended benefits that just passed in congress 9/22/09 when i exhauted what i have left in unemployment account?

Hi John,

I think the bill extending unemployment benefits for 27 states including Florida still has to pass the senate, but is expected to pass.

So I would say yes, you would be eligible. I don't know much about extended benefits. I tend to keep to how to get and maintain benefits after a job is lost for all the various reasons people have.

If you are found eligible for regular UI benefits .. the extensions follow as long as you maintain eligibility.

The best place to find information about extensions is a state website.

Florida unemployment extended Benefits

They had to pass a new bill because the last bill only extended benefits through the end of 2009.


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