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ky misconduct firing

by Michelle

I worked at financial inst and was fired for "floating" checks... I know it was wrong,but times were tough, (did it for about 4months, amounting to about $250) i have worked for this large complany for about 12 years and have never been written up for anything. ( half the time we didn't get lunches, never offered our breaks to us, my vacations had been cancelled several times do to employees quitting). Well i was fired for it yet another male employee was suspended without pay for 1 week for gambling and was given a written warning as well and he knew it was wrong as well)... do i have a chance on winning my appeal( they never gave me a warning or anything)


Most likely not .. I'm certain the employer's policy leaves the disciplinary action open to the discretion of the employer .. and you admitted you knew it was wrong yet "tough times" is your excuse for violating a REASONABLE employer policy.

Throwing in everything, but the kitchen sink .. is irrelevant and it does not obscure the fact that the final incident which caused your termination was you .. violating a rule with associated possible consequences .. including immediate termination.

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