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lack of babysitter

by Tina
(Reading PA)

I was laid off from my part-time job in May of 2009 and have been collecting unemployment since. I started working a full-time job with another company February 1, 2010, but quit after just one week. I am not married and have 2 small children and it was a hardship paying for daycare for one and the other (she is 11) was home for 2.5 hours alone after school until I got home. So I only lost one week of filing my unemployment claim. Some people say I can reopen the claim and continue to receive my benefits? Can this be true...I live in Pennsylvania (Berks County)

Hi Tina,


It all depends on what suitable work for you is.

But expect that the department will investigate and will have to adjudicate your reason for quitting.

PA's new eligibility guide might be a good place to start looking. In the meantime .. reopen and when asked for the reason you quit .. say the work was unsuitable.

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