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lack of safety training, insufficient staff, and physical inability

by alicia

I was working a job as a recruiter as a primary source of income. I picked up a part time job on the weekends for a few weeks (worked 3 shifts from 9/10-10/31). I quit because of several reasons. They had insufficient staff and I am 5'2" working the dry line by myself at a car wash. My manager sat and watched me and refused to help me because "it's not his job". While on the dry line, there was no training as to how the machine/car conveyor functions, stops, emergency situations, nothing. There was no training in regards to chemicals either. I quit because it was poorly managed, it was physically taking a toll on me and for the part time wages, it wasn't worth the stress physically. I quit and 3 weeks later I was laid off from my primary job. Now unemployment has an adjuster reviewing the information and holding up my claim for another 3-5 weeks. I spoke with the employer about why I left and they agreed it was not a good fit. I'm assuming I may be heading into an appeal hearing. What do I need to prepare myself for in regards to the worse case scenario?

Hi Alicia,

As far as I'm concerned, the worst case scenario should be that they might reduce your WBA because they found the quit without good cause .. what I don't think they can do is totally deny benefits because the separation from the "most recent work" was a layoff and that is a qualifying separation ..

Quite frankly, I'm baffled why this is just now coming up .. it should have been determined at the same time you made your initial application for benefits because they send notice of claim filed to everyone in your base period ..

By the way .. you quit the carwash job .. because it was "not suitable work" and it was unsafe and not training was provided to safely operate the equipment .. including emergency shut off procedures.

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