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Lack of work production due to old age,

by Jon Doe
(Arizona Unemployment Benefits)

Being fired for lack of work production due to old age

My work performance has really deteriorated since I have aged. My hands arent as steady as they used to be, and my job requires tedious labor. Every now and then i find myself breaking things, and have been reprimanded for the incidents. Also, due to my aging my health has deteriorated as well, and i am currently being tested for a chronic illness, to which my doctor calls me randomly to inform me about future appointments. Since, the hospital hours of operation are 8-5, as most businesses are, "including mine" I recieve phone calls during work hours to where my phone isnt set up to recieve voicemail, I have to take the call and have been reprimanded on that also. Would i be able to recieve benefits?

Hi Mr Doe,

Before we go any further, you need to answer some relevant questions for me.

How old are you?

How many employees does the company have?

Are you on intermittent FMLA?

Do you provide Dr. notes to the employer.

Has your doctor provided you with any medical work restrictions which you have given to the employer?

When you are reprimanded .. do you counter document?

Has anyone besides you, mentioned your age as a factor?

Why isn't your voicemail set-up?

Do you have some kind of repetitive movement syndrome?

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back stabbed to my supervisor
by: Anonymous

I am an older new hire in an nursing home, I am being trained by all younger folks, I am 50, they are in 20's and tell supervisor I am too slow and can't keep up with my work. I quit a part time job that paid less for this higher paying job. I was only given 3 days orientation, and used to pass medications on the miserable PM shift and the medications are out of alphabetical order and no room numbers. For 2 shifts I worked like a slave without breaks, or lunch, I clocked out to continue the miserable medication pass. I was promised more then 2 shifts a week, and my coworkers complain behind my back. I was a very fast,excellent LVN for years, then changed to paperless charting and slower paced position that didn't pay. I feel that I must look for another job now to make ends meet. Or I may be let go, they didn't keep their word of more hours after the complaints the first 2 days.
Can I collect if I get let go?
Thank you,
I am so unhappy with warehouse nursing and the load of patients. I really needed more orientatation and would of became much faster on the PM shift, the absolute worst shift. I am a NOC nurse and do better on that shift. I feel age discrimination?
Thank you for your time,


Hi Crystal,

You can collect unemployment when let go if the employer cannot sustain a burden proving it was for willful work related misconduct.

Being to slow is to general a reason unless it has to do with intentional neglect of duties.

I myself .. wouldn't be fretting it too much, but I would also be documenting any special incidents that smacked of age discrimination .. just in case.

And, counter documenting any warnings about performance as well, if need be.

Additionally, you should acquaint yourself with what age discrimination really is.

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