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lack of work

by Kristy
(Elverson, Pa.)

I have voluntarily resigned do to lack of work.

My job is being absordbed by a current employee.


Explain what you mean by lack of work. A lack of work is a layoff .. not a voluntary quit .. so please explain the circumstances surrounding your resignation.

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Sep 22, 2010
Employer reassigned job duties
by: roberts

I am the deputy director of a IL state agency and my newly hired director of 10 days has within that time, either absorbed my duties or given them to others. My only duty, unless instructed otherwise, is to review reports. In the past, this represented about 20% of my work time. Is the reduction in work sufficient to justify a "constructive discharge" to qualify for unemployment benefits.


Very doubtful, that this would be considered a constructive discharge.

Fortunately, for you, you do have a very good resource to explore to nail down what may actually be happening in your situation.

I took a quick look and found a number of decisions that referenced "constructive discharge" and "leaving or discharge". It didn't look hopeful .. at least per the information you provided.

But, if I were you I would additionally, read the appropriate sections for voluntary quits.

Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook is what you should take a look at.

Although the digest has a sub-heading for constructive discharges .. there's nothing there .. click on the main heading for "discharge or leaving" section MC 35.

And don't forget to look at what "Voluntary Leaving has to offer.

Sep 19, 2011
reduced hours
by: Anonymous

At my job I was working 40 hours a week but now I am only working 20 hours a week because of the labor being high and slow on business. Can I file for partial unemployment and get approved?

Well I would certainly think your claim for partial benefits would be approved, but the thing about actually getting partial benefits is to know the formula your state uses to calculate how much, if any partial amount you would be entitled to receive each and every week you file a claim for benefits.

It's usually just a matter of knowing how much of your earning will be disregarded first before they start reducing the benefit amount dollar for dollar for the remaining earnings.

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