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Laid off because of school

by Evelyn
(Long Beach, CA)

I live in California, I am currently working but my employer just notified me that they will be "letting me go" because my school schedule for next semester conflicts with the time they need me to work. I told them that I would be more than willing to work in the afternoon because I can't in the morning since the classes I'm required to take for my major are only available in the morning. Can I collect unemployment?


What were the conditions of hire when you took the job? Were you a student at that time?

In any case, put your request for accommodation into written form.

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Aug 09, 2010
Answer to Laid off because of school
by: Evelyn

I've always worked and gone to school at the same time, so my employer already knew I was going to school, and were always very flexible with my hours. Most of the people working there do work 9-5 but they always gave me the option of leaving early or coming a little later. Just now, since all of my classes are in the morning they have an issue with it. Just the other day my supervisor told me that they don't want to put it down as a lay-off, they want to make it seem like I'm quitting for choosing work over school, which is not the case since I gave them a schedule of my classes and an outline of when I would be able to work. Do you think I have any chance of getting unemployment or should I just look for another job and hope I find one??

That sounds more like what I would expect and employer to say .. that you are quitting and the "job" always trumps school when given a choice .. but that why I asked what was made known to the employer at the time of hire and how flexible they have been in the past.

This is also why I said you must document the request for accommodation and if it were me .. I'd reference their knowledge of your situation and past accommodations and ask why now it is different.

I realize that you have no choice, but to do what you have to do, but it will be seen as a quit, so it is entirely your responsibility to make these efforts to show that is was attributable to the work and that you did make efforts to "preserve the employment" for any hope of getting UI.

No promises that it will work out, buy either way .. you will have to look for another job anyway .. so why not make the effort.

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