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Laid off but now not sure what the reasons were...

by Anonymous

I was a sales executive for a private, family-owned company for 6 mos. During that time, I did not receive any sales quotas/numbers nor did I have any individual one:one meetings whatsoever with my sales manager to go over pipeline, etc. I was told that I was being let go due to lay offs in the company. I wasn't asked to sign any documents upon my dismissal nor was I told it was due to performance, even though I had asked if it was so. I was given a folder which my manager said contained Cobra explanations.

Question is: After I filed for unemployment benefits and indicated I was laid off, I looked in the folder and there was a letter that stated I was being terminated for performance and my sales numbers were not met due to what management expectations were. I was not shown this letter upon my dismissal so I was surprised when I saw it.

Do I still receive unemployment benefits?

Hi Anonymous,

Well, wasn't that sneaky of them.

If they protest as such, it will raise an issue for the state and they will have to investigate to get to the bottom of it.

You will simply have to explain the facts of why you selected laid off instead of fired as you did here and see what happens. What else can you do now?

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