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Laid off from my job effective the next day, offered 8 weeks pay as severance. How will this affect my being eligible for UI Benefits in FL?

by Lynn

I have been given 21 days to sign the severance paper. Should I apply for UIB now or wait until the 8 weeks of severance pay is over?

Hi Lynn,

To be honest it's whatever you want to do .. but if you file as soon as you become "unemployed and continue to file your continuing claims, per Florida's instructions .. maybe by the time the severance has no more effect on your weekly benefits .. everything will be settled (a determination allowing benefits) and you'll just be able to start collecting ..

As long as the severance is for being laid off and not for tendering your voluntary resignation .. pay attention to severance agreements when you sign .. because they can contain "waivers of rights" and other things that might be ... not helpful to you after you sign.

In your case make sure it specifically states that the severance is being given because of a layoff or position elimination .. or something along those lines.

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Denied benefits due to 4 wks severance- appeal or new claim?
by: Suz

I was laid off May 24 and elected to receive 4 wks severance pay. My claim was initially approved, however I received determination in mail that said denied. On the FLUID website, it gives my determination amount and says I haven't claimed any weeks yet...however that's because whenever I click "claim weeks" it tells me I have no weeks to claim! In other words, they took it back due to the severance.

Do I file an appeal, or a brand new claim, now that it is August and I am long past receiving severance?? Many thanks for your help! I only get misinformation and 30 minute hold times from the unemployment office.

Question: Did the determination specify the actual dates of the weeks you are being denied .. due to the severance?

You know, I know they ask when filing for continuing benefits whether you received any severance pay.

So, .. I too, am confused as to why the system won't let you even file the claim .. now that the severance is no longer an issue.

You cannot file a new claim because you already have one in existence in the state of FL.

You need to call them and see if you can get them to turn it back on if it is simply an administrative error on the part of the FLUID. (haha)

And, I'd file an appeal as well (hope it's timely) of any determ that says denied.

Thanks and update on appeal
by: Suz

Thanks for your response - Yes, they did specify no eligibility until June 11. So after that I started trying to claim and getting the "ineligible" response. My appeal is not timely (within 20 days of determination) but I filed anyway, with explanation for late appeal that initially I was offered a temp job but that only lasted 10 days. I didn't appeal because technically I was earning income when I received the determination. When temp job ended, I tried to claim weeks but you know the rest of the story.

I've just been offered another temp job and expect to be back working on Aug 20th (at 30% pay cut) for a few months. P.S. I bet I'll never get a dime of unemployment at this rate if I keep finding temp work! But I should still be made whole for 5 weeks (2 in June and 3 in August) where I earned no income.

And you are aware that Florida has a special voluntary quit provision with regard to when you're working for a temp agency?

And that working part-time hour in any week might allow you to collect a partial of your full benefit amount?

And, that if you are careful to document and adhere to the condition of the special provision that periods in between temp assignments may be considered a lack of work and entitle you to collect until another assignment is available .. as long as you also adhere to the state's requirement for searching for work?

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