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Laid off from the same company twice In New Jersey

by Scared in NJ
(New Jersey)


June 2009 I was laid off from my job of 9 years. I collected unemployment up until April13 2010. I also collected most of my 1st extension.

The employer called me back in April. Low and behold I was laid off again today July 9,2010.

I only worked at the job from April 13-July 9, 2010
I know i can not reopen a claim.

I wanted to know will i be able to receive unemployment again. I left the company making the same amount I left with the 1st time I was laid off which put me at the maximum amount of unemployment. Will I still receive that amount?

Thank you

Scared in NJ

Hi Scared .. and with good reason .. maybe

Your question requires you to know first .. what kind of base periods NJ uses to determine monetary eligibility and then what the monetary qualifying formula is for NJ.

All this information can be found if you access the resource I link to on Common FAQ's about unemployment insurance.

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