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Late Unemployment appeal

by mary
(illinois, )

In November 2010 my unemployment appeal was denied. I let the matter drop. I have since found out that a man who I worked with and was called into the office and fired at the same time I was and for the same reason, was granted unemployment. His claim was never denied. How is this correct and is it possible, 10 months later, for me to fight it the unemployment denial. As I said the circumstance, time, location and person who fired us were exactly the same. This just doesn't seem fair.

Hi Mary,

It's very doubtful. This "new" information that is prompting you to think about filing an appeal has nothing to do with whether there is now "good cause" for a "late filing of appeal".

That is what you have to established before you can get them to listen to your case for an appeal on the reason for denial .. which was that you were guilty of "willful misconduct.

Every Illinois hearing notice list "timeliness of appeal" as an issue and then the "merit issue".

If the appeal is late .. they will take testimony on the "good cause" for the late appeal first.

If it is not found to be with good cause, regardless of whether good testimony and evidence is presented by you on the misconduct issue .. it becomes a moot point because that appeal was already dismissed for being late.

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Aug 30, 2010
well maybe not
by: Anonymous

According to Mary's testimony her appeal is denied November 2010...that's still in the future.
So she can get her case ready for the appeal!

Oh, I suppose you're right, but I made the assumption that she meant 2009 because she wrote that statement in the past tense.

And it wasn't testimony ..

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