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laughing about a lame wright up i received with a fellow employee.

by becky
(grand saline tx)

I was hired because of my experience and even put on the spot at meeting as an example employee. When hired I was asked if I would be interested in management when a spot opened up. Having been a manager for 4 years it was hard stepping down and being just a food server once again but @ the same time fun to enjoy my fellow employees in a fun playful manner. Unaware of my actions I had stepped on my managers toes and as he put it "over stepping my boundaries telling other employees what to do which was not my place to do" I got written up after several verbal warnings. Mind you I have only worked for this company for 4 weeks. The final deed was when some of us were talking too loud in the back of the house on subjects that were not clean. I stepped out on to the main floor were my manager and other guests were eating and realized that we could be heard so I went back and informed my fellow employees that we should bring our voices down a notch because I could hear them on the floor. I may or may not have had an authorative demeanor in my voice (which management accused me of having) my main concern was the comfort of the guest and to prevent us from getting in trouble. Not to show up my manager who did nothing except to write me up. During my write up I was humble and took it

even though it was hard to put my finger on what I did wrong so to correct it. So I spoke to some other employees about my warning and yes we laughed about how lame it was. I stated how can I get written up on something that wasn't a rule. So 2 days later I got terminated for rule #25 talking bad to other employees about management. Can I file for unemployment even though I have only worked for this company for 4 weeks and it is in a different state than my last 18 years of employment has been in? Moved to a small town in texas after working in management @ disneyland in orange county ca my whole life. I keep hearing about how you can fire for no reason but what about an unjust reason? Is there a line for that? As a former manager I have had to fire people but always for just cause. The restaurant is a family operated one and my neighbor is the owner. Before filling unemployment should I speak to my neighbor first. Rumor has it he doesn't really like his son in law who is currently management and who fired me.

Hi Becky,

File the claim in California, if most of your work in the last eighteen months have been there.

I doubt that talking to your neighbor will have good results, but that I will leave entirely to your own discretion and judgment of whether THAT would be adding insult to injury, thereby fueling the fire.

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maybe you should go back to school
by: Anonymous

and learn how to spell.

And maybe, you should learn how to be .. well to be kinder than I'm feeling, less petty.

blessing in sheeps clothing
by: becky

I don't think I will bother filling @ all, 1 since I quit my job with good standing in CA to move to TX. I have learned somthing from this all and have a second interview for a managment job next week. Maybe I can't go backwards down the ladder. If I got fired acting like a manager then I will take it as a sign that I need to seek a managment job. As for my neighbor I have to agree that wasn't a good idea, and am glad I didn't do it. Thanks for letting me vent after such an unfair event.


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